Situated on 3 acres of beautiful semi-wooded land, Ark Lane has 2 camping fields, 2 buildings, fire bases including a main campfire circle. The site is ideal for camps for all ages, and lends itself to activities including scoutcraft, backwoods skills, wide games, field games, skills training, conservation and environmental projects.

The 2 buildings are ideal for all types of meetings for both young people and adults, including training, as well as Nights Away with your young people (however the buildings do not have bunks so users will need to bring something to lie on). Both buildings are heated and are fully equiped with tables and chairs and kitchen facilities.

Equipment & Other Facilities
We have a wealth of camping and cooking equipment which may be borrowed (for a donation) for use either at the site or away from site. The site’s car park can accommodate approximately 25 cars and a further 15 cars if one of the camp sites is used. We also have amain campfire circle aswell as several fire bases located around the site, and we now have pioneering equipment available too.

Site Visits / Service Team
We invite all Leaders in Scouting and Guiding and other youth organisations to come and visit the site at any time – contact the Site Warden to make arrangements. Our Service Team meets approximately once a month and we always welcome new people of all ages who would like to help out around the site or for Groups who would like to embark on a service project. Please contact the Site Warden for further details or to make arrangements.

Wendy Bye (Booking Secretary)
27 Fermoy Road
Southend on Sea