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This Activity Centre is situated a mile from Basildon town centre. It is a green and peaceful site of nearly 8 acres of fields and woodland. The site can offer back to basics camping whilst having flush toilets and showers available. We are well equipped to host a number of exciting onsite activities (more information below).

We have a number of different shapes and sizes of fields to accommodate every kind of visitor. From large groups, to small patrols. Fields include: The main camping field, family field, sports field, backwoods camping area and a number of patrol sites.

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Kingston Ridge Activity Centre is developed and managed by Basildon Scouts. If you want to find out more about Scouting in Basildon and see how you can get involved yourself click here.

There are Activity Centres providing challenge and adventure all over Essex. To find out about other Activity Centres click here.

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Job vacancies at Belchamps Scout Activity Centre

Belchamps Scout Activity Centre are currently recruiting for a variety of paid and volunteer roles.

Belchamps Scout Activity Centre is currently recruiting for the following positions:
Guest Services assistant Up to

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Scouting Can Make Such a Positive Impact on Your Life

After a very successful career in the Police service, which was cut short as a result of being injured on duty, I was medically retired and was looking for my next challenge. I had never had any involvement in scouting either as a young person or as a leader, but there was something about Scouting that I felt could offer something very special to me. So I became an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader!

After a few months I was asked to consider taking on the District Commissioner role in Basildon, Essex. An offer that I accepted without hesitation.

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‘Lucky 13’ – how Basildon Scouts move onto Explorers

In an attempt to increase better awareness and engagement between the Scout and Explorer Scout sections, Basildon District out together a new event called ‘Lucky 13’ providing the opportunity for young people to take the lead, supported by adults in creating better opportunities for other young people.

The camping event involved pioneering, climbing, barbecue, wide games, and finished with a posh meal for leaders prepared by the Scouts and Explorers working together.

The event wore a special necker consisting of half Explorer, half their own Group. With 23 of the 25 Scouts over 13 in the District attending and thoroughly enjoying themselves this truly was a camp run by young people for young people and was a real inspiration.

Along with the Genesis Explorer leadership team, the District Commissioner supported the planning team of Explorers giving them additional pride in their achievements.

Have you undertaken anything similar?

Jody from the County Explorer Scout team is supporting Moving In Moving On projects and can be contacted for additional support requests.

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999 MAD Emergency

Hot weather, MAD burgers, water fights, fancy dress and many other activities can only relate to one event in the Essex Scouts calendar; Essex Network’s MAD.

Kingston Ridge Scout Campsite in Essex held the annual Essex Network MAD event for 18 -25 year olds. The event hosted 150 participants from across the UK who came from as close as Essex and Kent to as far away as Manchester and Lancaster.

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I’m A Scout Get Me Out Of Here!

14 Scouts braved the wilds of Essex to survive and earn a badge during the “I’m a Scout, get me out of here” weekend.

The Scouts were challenged to complete a number of outdoor activities to complete requirements for their Scout Survival Activity Badge.

Scouts braved the weather to demonstrate their knowledge of first aid, constructing an outdoor shelter, building a fire, using distress signals, rescue actions, identifying edible plants, filtering water, cooking over an open fire and without utensils and navigating without a compass.

Belle from Basildon was excited by the challenges ahead saying, “I’ve been looking forward to building a survival shelter”.

Ryan, one of the volunteers teaching survival said, “We ran an event like this a few years ago and the Scouts that went on it are still talking about it.”

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Jubilee Celebrations at Kingston Ridge

Fundraising success at Basildon Campsite – ‘Ladies Day’ Race Night for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Over the Bank Holiday weekend Kingston Ridge campsite in Basildon District hosted their annual ‘Ladies Day’ race night – a formal affair with hats and smart dresses abound. The afternoon started with a champagne reception, followed by the start of the racing. For the first race, the owners purchased their horses, the jockeys were selected, the tote took bets, and the race got underway, with a slight twist – the horses were manually operated, the jockeys having to wind a handle to drag their wooden horse along the ground towards them!

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How one Harlow Group is building a headquarters brick by brick

Plans are being drawn up for a new headquarters for 7th Harlow as the Scout Group raise funds by selling bricks in a mission to replace a building previously destroyed by fire.

The Scout Group, currently running its meetings at a number of locations across the town have used the circumstance to continue growth but push forward with a plan to literally rebuild the Scout Group.

A recent trip to Kingston Ridge campsite saw 10 Scouts enjoy the assault course, midnight walk and spending three hours in a ‘learn by doing experience’ with an Icelandic tent.

With plans being drawn up for a brand new building, 7th Harlow are fundraising like mad with regular committee meetings and fundraising events including a race night at the local greyhound stadium and an abseiling down a local water tower all set to be real money spinners for the Group.

A recent volunteer project, at a local wood, planting trees, proved popular with Scouts, Cubs and their parents. Scout leader Peter Craft said:

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