Interested in becoming a Mountain Leader?

The Essex Scout Mountain Activity Team is running a training course over two long weekends in April / May. There are still a few places left.

The course is aimed at adults who have experience at walking in the hills. By the end of the course you should be at the level where you can be assessed for a Terrain Two Summer Hill Walking Permit.

The course is being subsidised by Essex Scouts. As such, attendees are expected to commit to attaining a permit and to be actively involved in taking groups of young people into the hills.

To download the applications please click here –

ESMAT ML Application Form 2022

ESMAT ML Application Information 2022.doc

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ESMAT Easter Weekend 2022

The ESMAT Easter Training Weekend is happening April 14th – 18th 2022 in Snowdonia.

This is open to Explorers aged 14-18 with both Mountaineering and Rock-climbing courses available.

Easter 2022 Information

ESMAT Easter Weekend Application Form

If you require further information please contact Pauline Page via email on

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Race Around The World.. How Far Have You Gone?

Are you taking part on the Race Around The World? How is you Section doing on the map?

We know lots of you are joining in the big fundraising event for all Sections, we’d love to hear what you have been doing and how your fundraising has been going.

There are loads of great activity ideas on the Scouts event pages here #RaceAroundTheWorld so head over to our Facebook page or tell us on the website news form here and fill us in on what you have been up to!

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JOTA-JOTI in Silver End 2020

As a fairly new Scout, the JOTA-JOTI on Saturday the 17th October was my first ever Jamboree on the internet.  I wasn’t really sure what it would be like when I walked in  alongside my two older sisters and wearing my mask, but I felt sure it would be  fun and another new experience.   Firstly, we had been given a table number and went and sat down.  After  our leader introduced the website we would be using and explained the do’s and do not’s.  With all the rules in mind we logged on using the given usernames.  I spent a little while reading all of the messages from Scouts across the world, before saying ‘Hi’ in the chat on the English channel.

Almost instantly I got replies of ‘Hi’ and ‘Where are you from?’.  I spoke to people in the Scouting group from Turkey, Malaysia, Norway, Malta, Indonesia, Singapore and Birmingham!  Everybody was extremely friendly and interested to learn about  each other and our cultures.  People also wanted to know if I preferred pizza or pasta and which football team I supported!  Time went really quickly and I missed talking to other Scouts once I had left.  It was a massive amount of fun and I can’t wait for next years event.

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A Look Back At Virtual Camp 2020

As we leave summer and head in to Autumn, we’ve taken a look back at our very first Virtual Camp. We’ve put together a short video made up entirely from photos you submitted during the event.  There were so many submitted we could only show a few, even if you do not appear, we hope you had a fabulous time trying lots of new activities. Can you see yourselves in there?

Don’t forget, all of the worksheets and videos are still available. Visit the Virtual Camp web pages and follow the links. If you are a leader, why not incorporate them into your own virtual programme or event? Let us know what you get up to by submitting a story here;

The web pages can be found here: Virtual Camp webpages

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East of England Scouts Summer Challenge

Looking for a challenge over the next weeks? Try the East of England Scouts Summer Challenge!

Starting Monday 17th August – daily videos or Facebook lives of activities to keep you entertained in the last few weeks of Summer… brought to you by the amazing volunteers and young people from Bedfordshire, Essex and Suffolk Scouts.

Open to everyone… Scouts and non-Scout alike. Head over the the Facebook page for the latest news and introductions.

Registering means the chance to get a Summer Challenge Badge and maybe other surprise opportunities but you don’t need to register to take part on any of the days or each day. Just look at the new videos uploaded every day at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm, whenever you can and enjoy. Any Facebook lives we do, would also be able to view afterwards too.
Registration forms are in the pinned post, at the top of the Facebook page.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page,

Links to the official Instagram account –

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Making, Doing, Watching it’s Virtual Camp!

Scouts of all ages from all over the County, and further, afield have been busy making, doing and watching as Virtual Camp 2020 is in full swing!

Over 50 activities are available as videos or downloads, and cover everything from making cheese straws, to fire lighting and mini-raft building to name a few!

Saturday evening was rounded of with a campfire (online on the Youtube channel!) watched by over 750 people! Sunday brings more time to enjoy the challenges and activitities and the camp officially ends on Sunday 28th at 3pm with a closing cermenony live on the Facebook page (shortly after on the YouTube channel).

Don’t worry if you haven’t done all of the activities, they’ll be avaibable after the event for more of you to enjoy!

Join us a

The Facebook page to share your adventures

The YouTube channel Virtual Camp on YouTube

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Chocolate Mousse on Virtual Camp menu!

Scouts of all ages all over Essex (and further afield!) are heading for their tents and dens as day one comes to a close.

There have been chocolate mousse, lava lamps, pizzas in mugs, paper challenges, garden games, drumming sessions and a whole lot more as the County goes Virtual Camp mad! Video activities have been viewed hundreds of times by people all over the country and many have shared their activities on the Facebook page.

As the day comes to a close, our friends from Colchester Gangshow and Thorrington Camp Site organised a campfire for us all to enjoy all from the comfort of your own homes. Did you join the fun? Let us know!

Bring on Sunday for more fun and games :-)



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Virtual Camp is Go!

Friday 26th sees the official start of Virtual Camp 2020. At midday all of the video activities were launched on our YouTube channel, links can be found on each of the Virtual Camp zone pages – find these towards the bottom of the home page at Virtual Camp 2020.

With more than FIFTY activities on video or worksheets, what will you choose first? Let us know on our Facebook page here: or, if you prefer, email us on

Our opening ceremony will be live on the Facebook page and available shortly after on YouTube.

Whether you choose to share your adventures or not, we hope you have  a fantastic time and get to try lots of new things over the weekend!

The Virtual Camp Team

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