There are a number of ways you can fundraise in Scouting. Make sure you are signed up to receive our email newsletter, whatever the reason or cause, there are frequently inspiring ideas and stories showing how Groups, Districts and individuals have raised money for a worthy cause.

HQ Support

The Scout Association provide lots of useful help and information for members at:

County Grants Board

The County Grants Board allows you to apply for a grant for building projects, major equipment, setting up new sections, County Activity Teams, training of County Activity Assessors, special needs projects and air activities.

All of these grants are administered through the County Grants Board.  The grants are accessible by completing the appropriate application form and sending it to the Grants Secretary in time for one of the three board meetings held during the year (see the County Calendar for dates).  The only exception to this is are applications for starting a new Section, which are fast tracked.

The only grant that currently has a fixed grant is the Start-Up Grant all other grants are decided by the Board, up to a limit set by the County Executive, and it would be extremely rare for the Board to make a 100% grant.

Most grant applications require Groups/Districts to be signed up to Gift Aid and a current set of accounts to be presented. What actually is required is made clear on the appropriate application form.  An incorrectly completed form and/or lack of appropriate documentation will hold up the application and the appropriate Commissioner has an obligation to check that a form is completed correctly and correct documentation is included.

Please Note: Some of the forms are editable versions and you will see grey boxes on them where you enter you information, you should download the form to you computer and edit them in suitable word processing software because the editing feature don’t work if you view the in your web browser.

For more information contact: