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Matt Brown
Deputy ACC Explorer Scouts
Neil Warren
County Explorer Scout Leader
Luke Ford
County Explorer Scout Leader
Leanne Oscroft
County Cub Scout Leader
Richard Lawrence
Richard Pattison
County Commissioner
Paul Stafford
District Commissioner (Crouch Valley - Acting)
Bob Bye
Deputy County Commissioner (Youth Programme)
Emma Parker
Deputy County Commissioner (Communications)
Gary Brown
Deputy County Commissioner (District Support)
Iain Rider
Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Support)
Liz Connelly
Deputy County Commissioner (Youth Programme)
Mark Catto
County Training Manager
Kevyn Connelly
Deputy County Commissioner (Activity Centres)
Paul Stennett
Alastair Maclachlan
Peter Murray
Ann Nutt
Ann Nutt
County Executive Member
Jean Cunningham
Assistant County Treasurer
Martin Falder
County Appointments Advisory Committee Chair
Paul Walker
County Executive Member
Sarah Griffiths
County Executive Team Member
Barry Cousins
County Vice President
John Petre
County President
George Courtauld, Vice Ld.Lt.
County Vice President
Malcolm Treacher MBE
County Vice President
Maggie Pattullo
Assistant County Commissioner (Beavers)
Michelle Jackson
County Beaver Scout Leader
Rikki Talbot
County Cub Scout Leader
Wendy Bye
Assistant County Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
John Dell
Assistant County Commissioner (Scouts)
Aimie Blundell
Emma Dell
Assistant County Commissioner (Explorer Scouts)
Michael Baker
Assistant County Commissioner (Scout Network)
Dan Scurlock
Assistant County Commissioner (Activities)
David Cohen
County Activity Team (Mountaineering)
Elaine Gunn
County Activity Team (Archery)
Neil Barnes
County Nights Away Adviser
Mark Stubbs
County Activity Team (Caving)
Phil Dowrick
Manager of Activity Permit Scheme (MAPS)
Liz Smith
Assistant County Commissioner (International)
Julie Hickman
County International Advisor
Linda Clements
County International Advisor
Phil Unwin
Assistant County Commissioner (Communications)
Ryan Ward
County Web team Leader
Tina Wing
Social Media Communications Manager
Kylie Birch and Julie Matthews
District Commissioner (Halstead and Colne Valley)
Andy Williams
District Commissioner (Braintree)
Brian Dawbarn
District Commissioner (Southend Estuary)
Graham Monk
District Commissioner (Thurrock)
Daniel Parsons
District Commissioner (Southend West)
Simon Gray
District Commissioner (Maldon and East Essex)
Steve Deighton
District Commissioner (Colchester Estuary)
John Stringle
District Commissioner (Castle Point)
Kieron Moir
District Commissioner (Tendring)
Mark Benfold
District Commissioner (Saffron Walden)
Neil Bleakley
District Commissioner (Billericay & Wickford)
Paul McGrath
District Commissioner (Brentwood)
Peter Fairweather
District Commissioner (Royal Forest)
Phil Bodsworth
District Commissioner (Hatfield Forest)
Rob Lyon
District Commissioner (Chelmsford)
Steve Barlow
District Commissioner (Basildon)
Toni Mitchell
District Commissioner (Harlow)