Introducing Essex’s new Transformation Lead

As we drive forward our Skills for Life Strategy through to 2025, the Scouts are embarking on a positive and engaging period of change.  We want to continue offering high quality, safe and engaging programmes to our 16,000+ young people.
In doing that, we must continue to be a vibrant, forward-thinking movement, adapting to the needs of our ever changing society.  We want to reach more young people, be more diverse and make it easier than ever to volunteer for Scouts in Essex.
To achieve our strategy, Team Essex are excited to announce James Hopkins as our new Transformation Lead!
In the new role, James is responsible for leading, planning and implementing the Skills for Life strategy in Essex and will be building a transformation team during Summer 2022 to make this happen.  With a professional background in change and project management, and prior experience in Scouting as a leader, GSL and DC, James is looking forward to working with the thousands of adult volunteers we have in Essex to make Scouting locally even better.
Our new transformation team will work alongside our existing structures – so we can continue great Scouting whilst starting to deliver one of our key aims – to improve the volunteer experience – so that we can attract and retain more volunteers.
Within this, there are four identified key areas to focus on as a start:
– A warmer welcome for everyone
– Simplifying how we volunteer together
– Digital transformation: more support to help get everyday things done
– A more engaging learning experience
There is more that can be done to improve things further – like better rewards and recognition – but we can’t change everything at once.  This is a three year programme delivered in bitesize chunks.
More information will be shared from Autumn 2022 onwards.  If you have any questions at any point about the transformation programme, please email
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How can you get involved with the High Sheriff’s Litter Pick?

Want to know how you can approach the litter pick? Thinking about why you should include the event in your busy programme? Want to know how to claim your free limited edition badges?

Essex Scouts have the pleasure of bringing to you some simple guidelines and information about the amazing upcoming litter pick.

Download the brochure here Essex Scouts Litter pick Guide

Don’t forget to let us know how you are getting involved.

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It’s the Tendring District Scouts annual football competition…and the winners are?

Tendring District Scouts had their hugely popular Annual Football competition on Saturday 18th May, at FC Clacton‘s ground. 29 teams from right across Tendring arrived, with the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers all taking part.

Over 190 players across the ages: 6-17, battled it out to secure their respective sections trophy, or maybe just played for fun, and it wasn’t too hot for the Scouts as the weather stayed good for the day. Over 500 family and friends cheered on the teams, as they looked to secure a place in their section finals.

In the finals 12th Clacton Tigers beat 1st/2nd Parkeston 4-1 in the Beavers section to secure the cup for the first time, having been runners up 2 years previously.

1st/2nd Parkeston Cubs beat 1st Weeley 2-1 in a tight match after extra time.

The Scout section saw 1st Weeley/Lt Clacton Scouts beat 1st Clacton 1-0 in normal time with a great penalty strike, this is the first time since 2004 that they’ve won it.

Lastly, Phoenix Explorers played 2 matches, winning both games against firstly a Young Leaders team, (2-0) and then a Adult Leaders team – again winning 2-0.

The Scouts winning teams have won a Matchday Experience at Colchester United (including a stadium tour, free youth tickets and mention in the matchday programme and PA on the day) so thatnk you to Colchester United for donating some great prizes.

This annual competition sees teams from right across the district, and all sections, take part, with scouts from Ramsey/Lt. Oakley, Parkeston, Weeley/Lt Clacton, Frinton-on-Sea, Thorpe – Le – Soken and of course Clacton. It is hoped that it will have raised in the region of £300 for District funds and the competition is the Districts biggest gathering of Scouts in the calendar.

A huge thank you to everyone who organised and supported the event – especially FC Clacton for lending the pitches, goals and facilities, all the referees, from across Scouting, who we couldn’t do it without, refereeing over 50 matches.

It also couldn’t happen without the support of the District, leaders and volunteers organising the teams, the parents, family and friends who came along to support their teams and of course all the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers  and even Explorers who participated in such a great event. A date has already been agreed for next year: Sat 16th May 2020.

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Basketball ‘wins’ over the Scouts in Tendring

On a bright February day in Clacton-on-Sea, the second Tendring District Scouts Basketball competition took place at the District HQ, as the Hall was transformed in to a buzzing basketball arena for the a day. Teams from all over the District competed for the chance to become the next winners of the District Basketball competition for their relevant sections. 60 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part in a shooting competition for the Beavers and a fast paced ‘3 on 3’ format for the Cubs and Beavers.

The Beaver’s Shoot-out competition winners were 7th Clacton. The Cubs final was between 3rd Thorpe A v 1st Weeley, and 3rd Thorpe A winning in a tight match, just 2 points the margin. The Scouts fought in a league format, with the final between 1st Clacton and 12th Clacton, with 1st Clacton winning their game by just 2 points.

The day started with the Beavers Shoot-out Competition, Cannons Basketball Club, with Head Coach Chris Tight and some of the youth players from the club coaching and supporting the Beavers, as they had their goes. Cannons also provided all the equipment, scorers, referees and ball boys/girls on the day. Then the Cubs and Scouts 3 on 3 games took place, with games taking place simultaneously. It was certainly fast! Before the two final matches, we had a Cannons v Leaders display game,, with Luke Bye from Essex Scouts having a go.   Again thanks to Cannon Basketball Club for all the help given and to all the parents, spectators who cheered on their teams. We couldn’t have done it without their support.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who helped organise it all, all the leaders, volunteers, setting the hall up to look like an arena takes time and those organising skills were in great demand, we had lots of that – it was another successful district wide event. To hear all the cheers and applause for the scouts taking part is why we do it.

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First ever Tendring District Scouts Basketball competition

The new Tendring District Scout Centre in Valley Road was transformed into the Tendring District Scouts Basketball Arena for a day as teams from across the District battled it out for the chance to become the first winners of the inaugural District Basketball competition. It was a great way to get all the sections involved and participating in a fun sport instead of the usual football.

Over 90 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts battled it out in a shooting competition for the Beavers and a quick fire 3 on 3 format for the Cubs and Beavers.

The winners were 1st Lt. Oakley ‘Rushy’ team.

The Cubs final was between 1st Weeley A v 5th Clacton A, and 5th Clacton A winning in a tight match.

Finally 7 teams from Scouts again fought in a league format, with the final between 1st Tendring and 12th Clacton, 12th Clacton winning by just 2 points.

The hall was packed with dozens of spectators and basketball players. The afternoon started with a skills demonstration from Cannons Basketball Club from Clacton who provided the equipment, scorers, referees and ball boys/girls on the day, and coach Dan Tight running the Beavers competition. They finished the day giving a great exhibition display match just before the trophies were handed out. Thanks to Cannon Basketball Club for all the help given and to all the spectators who cheered on their teams. We couldn’t have done it without their support.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who helped in getting this off the ground as it was a real challenge to fit it all in the new hall – it was wonderful to hear all the cheers as baskets were scored or blocked. There were so many people who helped make it possible, we haven’t got room to thank everyone individually.



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Caving Badge Course Dates for 2018

Essex County Scout Caving Team (ECSCT) have now finalised our badge course dates for 2018.

  • June badge course 29th, 30th June- 1st July
  • October badge course 5th- 7th October
  • November overflow course 9th- 11th November

Visit to see photographs from last year’s trips.

The application pack with full details is available on our website, direct download (pdf) here:

Come on a trip, or ask us about providing the activity as part of your camp (in a caving area), or teaching rope work as part of one of your troop nights!

Book early to avoid disappointment!

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Essex Scouts looks forward to welcoming 1600 Cub Scouts and their leaders to Mega Camp 2018. Coming to Skreens Park Activity Centre 8th-10th June 2018, with a spectacular Medieval theme, this event is definitely not one to miss!

So, save the date and keep an ear our for more information coming soon!

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Beaver Funday Registration Reminder!

As you are planning your Summer  programme, don’t forget Beaver Funday 2017! Held at Skreens Park Activity Centre on Saturday 10th June, Funday offers a day full of opportunities for Beaver Scouts to try out new and exciting activities and craft. There will be the added bonus of meeting some unusual creatures.

The event costs just;

£15 per Beaver, £10 Cubs / Scouts (Leaders children) & 3 – 6 year olds, under 3’s free with accompanying leader/helper.

A piratetastic day planned by the Counties Beaver Scout team, is certain to offer Beaver Scouts Fun, Adventure and the opportunity to make new friends.

To register your groups interest please complete the online booking form  (here) and pay just a £10.00 deposit!

We can’t wait to hear from you soon, and look forward to meeting you all at Beaver Funday 2017.

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Essex Weekend 2017 Bookings now open!

Essex Weekend is a fun filled weekend for Scouters and their families to attend either as part of their Scout Group or as individual families to take part in a relaxing social weekend and also have the opportunity to take part in various activities as a family which is not normally possible when you organising a camp for your young people. 

Although the weekend is a self catered event there is a café running during the weekend. Alongside this you can enjoy a variety of activities, pampering sessions ( why not treat yourself to foot massage), camp fire, social activities in the evening as well as the opportunity to meet some of the County Activity teams and the County Stores team. 

Essex Weekend is now in its 7th  year and is once again booked at Skreens Park on the 12th – 14th May 2017.

The cost is £15 per Adult, £7 per child and under 5’s go free.  Bookings are now open  HERE (opens new window). 

In previous years over 300 participants have attended but we would like to make it more

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County Backpack calling ALL leaders and SAS members!

County backpack is an exciting weekend for the Scout section, the event is a two day incident hike around the local countryside, where Scouts will need to visit as many bases as possible each day before returning back to Belchamps, each base will have a small activity to complete before moving on to the next base.

The event will be held at Belchamps Campsite on 31st March- 2nd April 2017

The County Scout section needs your help with manning bases and support teams around the course for this years event, if you can offer your help and support for both or either day please contact John Dell, County Scout Leader on for more information.

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