Eloise Jack
Queens Scout Award Coordinator

The Queen’s Scout Award (QSA) is the highest award members of Explorers and Network can achieve. You can start working towards the QSA from your 16th Birthday, however all the requirements must be completed before your 25th Birthday.

The Queen’s Scout Award is closely linked to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, therefore it is worth working on the two awards together. More information on the requirements for the QSA can be found here: Queen’s Scout Award | Scouts, and also in the ‘Reach the Top’ booklet. 

After completion of the Award, recipients will be invited to attend the ‘Day of Celebration and Achievement’ that takes place at Windsor Castle each year on St Georges Day. You are also able to join the Queen’s Scout Working Party (QSWP), which is a National Scout Active Support Unit made up of Queen’s Scout Award holders. The Working Party supports the Scout Association with the running of events (such as Gilwell24 and Day of Celebration and Achievement) and also represents the Scout Association at national events (such as The Festival of Remembrance). More information about the Working Party and how to join can be found here: Queen’s Scout Working Party (qswp.org.uk) 

While working towards the QSA you will need to keep a logbook of your activities. Once you have met all the requirements you will need to fill out the completion form. The completion form and your logbook will then be sent to Scouting headquarters for final approval. Each requirement needs to be signed off by an assessor. An assessor is someone who has witnessed you undertake the requirement and is able to provide some evidence that you have completed it (e.g. a short statement). 

So that Essex County Scouts can offer support and guidance throughout your award please complete the QSA Essex County registration form which can be found here. This form will be kept by the Essex QSA Coordinator and will be deleted either on completion of the award or on your 25th birthday. After completion of this form the Essex QSA Coordinator will email you a ‘Welcome to the Queen’s Scout Award pack’ continuing information to help you get started with your award.

If you have any questions regarding the Queen’s Scout Award or would like some guidance then please contact the Essex County QSA Coordinator using  the email address: qsa@essexscouts.org.uk