Three thousand potential volunteers

Did you know that we have nearly three thousand people in Essex with Occasional Helper roles? That’s equivalent to twelve per Scout Group and three per youth section.

Have you asked any of them what they’d like to do to help?

If we each take the time to speak to one Occasional Helper and only one in ten agrees to be a camp cook, a quartermaster, a committee member or a section assistant then that’s three hundred more volunteers that already have a DBS in place!

By asking what skills they’ve got and what they enjoy, we can find a role that suits them.

Do remember that Occasional Helpers aren’t members of Scouting. They can’t take on responsibilities, have access to the personal records of young people and are limited in what they can do.* Offering them the opportunities of training, development and support will help them to take a greater part in what we do for our young people. 

If we each take the time to talk to at least one Occasional Helper we’ve a great opportunity to get more adults involved.

So what’s stopping you?

* Our insurance for Occasional Helpers covers less than our insurance for Members and Associate Members so you do need to check before they get involved with adventurous activities and camps etc.

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Essex Scouts Expeditions 2023

Essex Scouts Expeditions 2023

ESEx23 is an exciting programme of international opportunities provided by Essex Scouts to adults and young people (YP) within Essex Scouts during the summer of 2023.

In 2023 the 25th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ25) will be held in South Korea. The places allocated to Essex Scouts for young people to attend are limited and in the past we have had many more apply than the number of places available to us.

Essex Scouts want to ensure that as many young people as possible have the chance to participate in an international experience. To achieve this we have developed the ESEx23 (Essex Scouts Expeditions 2023) programme. This will offer a range of opportunities with the intention that as many as possible of those expressing interest will be offered a place on an international experience.

ESEx23 will comprise three different international experiences, but with a single purpose – to provide quality international experiences to as many young people from Essex Scouts as possible. There will be a single application process for the programme, with successful applicants being offered a place in one of the trips.

Tight age restrictions are imposed for attendance at WSJ and to maintain a common process across the ESEx23 programme these restrictions will be adopted throughout.

Please watch our informational video and refer to the full information pack in the downloads section below

What international experiences are available?
ESEx23 will include three different trips:

  • The Auchengillan Jamboree
  • The 25th World Scout Jamboree
  • A North American Adventure

Are you up for the challenge?

If one of these exciting opportunities sounds made for you then you will need to apply for a place.

Essex Scouts is inviting applications from young people involved in Scouting across the County for places on the programme.

Please see the attachments below for full information of the application process

Can you tell me more about the World Scout Jamboree ?

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