18 Beavers and Cubs spent this weekend at Skreens Park for their very own Christmas Camp. They had an action packed weekend doing Christmas craft, looking for the missing raindeer, watching Christmas films, bouncing on the bouncy castle, learning circus skills, pedding for prizes on the peddle karts, and racing on the obstacle course.

During the weekend we had a very special vistor, Santa! Who spoke to them all about what they wanted and explained how he manages to deliver all of the presents in time for Christmas morning, and of course he didn’t leave until he had give them all a present for being so good!

Beaver Thoughts:

Beaver: ‘I’m not sure that was the real Santa’
Leader: ‘Are you not? Why not?’
Beaver: ‘Because on the list of things we are doing today it says VIP visit so I think he is a VIP instead’
Leader: ‘Do you know what VIP is?’
Beaver: ‘No’
Leader: ‘It means Very Important Person, and I think Santa is a very important person which it why I think it really is the real