Cub Scouts try their hand at Scientific discovery with the Scientist Badge.

The Cubs Scouts eagerly arrived on Tuesday night, ready to undertake the requirements of their Scientist Badge. The Cub Scouts worked their way round five (5) bases, spending approximately 20-minutes on each, concentrating on a different requirement:

Raksha showed the Cub Scouts that hot air rises, by attaching a balloon to a 2ltr drinking bottle and then slowly heating the air inside, by immersing the bottle into hot water.Raksha explained that as the air, inside the bottle starts to warms up, the air molecules begin to move apart (expand), taking up more space. Since the balloon prevents this air escaping, it starts to inflate the balloon. Raksha then went on to explain this is how Hot Air Balloons work; the hot air weighs less than the surrounding cold air and causes the Hot Air Balloon to rise into the air.

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