Nearly 500 people have taken the choice of using facebook to keep updated and to contribute their thoughts about the latest information about Scouting in Essex.

We all need access to information to enjoy our Scouting, and nearly 500 people have chosen in just over 2 weeks to get their information fix by becoming a facebook fan of Essex Scouts. A small proportion of members are from one of 20 countries around the world, interested in what we’re up to in Essex.

Stuart Watson who created the facebook technology said, “People require information about their Scouting in the format that suits them best and by providing choice via facebook and twitter updates, as well as by Essex Plus email digest and the printed county newsletter we hope we’re helping our members to get access directly to the information they need, in the right format, when they need it”

To become a fan of Essex Scouts and to recieve a copy of the updates via your facebook feed visit HERE

The Essex Scouts Facebook Application is another way to keep up to date with the latest news, photos and videos. You can add the application by visiting HERE

If you wish to recieve your updates via twitter, add Essex Scouts HERE

Your Preference
If you want to be involved in stating your communication preference there is currently a survey about Scouting communications in Essex that can be completed online at

For those without access to the internet or email, a paper copy is available.If you know someone who won’t have access to the internet version, copies can be posted if details are emailed to Results will be compiled in Spring 2010.

Aid Communication
If you’ve found out that people have not received HQ’s email newsletter