After being awarded with an MBE, Gordon Henshall was asked a few questions by the editor of The Essex Adventure, the county newsletter.

What is your proudest moment in Scouting?
In the early formative years of the Essex Experience I took on the challenge provided by Chris Bailey, County Commissioner at that time, of engaging with the European Voluntary Service (EVS) on an exchange programme for young people (18-25 years), who spend 6-12 months in another country, taking part in community projects. My son, Mark, having been selected, exchanged with a member of Scouts de France who came to Essex and worked with us on the Essex Experience. Mark worked in Rouen and Paris on a community development project called Plein Vent (Full Wind), which provided activity camps for disadvantaged, mainly muslim, non-Scout young people from the Banlieue, which are the poor suburbs of the major cities. Through this programme Scouts de France hoped to reduce the cycle of dissolution the young called La gal