Activities are an integral part of our programme so to ensure Scouting activities have a standard delivery, with a process for evidencing standards within a reasonable time, without bureaucracy or cost implications, a moderation of activity permits has been introduced.

Moderation consists of an annual local self moderation by the County MAPS (Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme). MAPS and County Assessors have learnt about the process via workshops and webinars. Full details and support resources are available at Rule changes to implement moderation will start from the January 2014 version of POR.

Activity permit scheme updates

The activity permit scheme has also been reviewed to support the way we manage activities in Scouting and the following improvements are now live:

  • Membership database permit records are the definitive record
  • County Assessors are now appointed through the County Appointments Advisory Committee rather than the County Executive
  • Confirmation that activity permits are only available to members and associate members of Scouting
  • Assessment checklists (personal, leadership and supervisory) are amalgamated to provide one assessment checklist for each activity
  • Hillwalking assessors are not required to attend a Plas-y-Brenin assessor workshop
  • New guidelines to explain what is required to external assessors
  • Permits for holders turning 18 expire until their required safeguarding check.

Full details can be found at Rule changes will be part of the January 2014 version of POR.