Have you booked for Essex Weekend? Its only a few weeks away…
The weekend 25-27 May is time to get together with other volunteers and use the time to prepare for your next scout event by sharing ideas and talking things through with others.

The plan for Essex Weekend is simple, its about getting people together, to chill out together with their families and to do as much or as little as they want without the responsibility of also looking after our youth members.

Essex Weekend for some is a great place to get more Scouting completed, Cath Austin has been to a number of events and has used the Essex Weekend as a great way to meet and talk with other volunteers, “Last time we went it was a great place to network for the jamboree we’re helping put together. We knew that a number others were going to be there and the best way to get things sorted is by going from one conversation to the next. This definitely happened and was a total plus for going.”

The Essex Weekend also provides a range of activities and the chance for adults to have a go at something new or try something again without worrying about pushing in front of our younger members who always come first.

Stuart Austin added, “It’s a great chance do the activities we lead young people to do with our own families in a safe environment whilst being able to socialise with like minded adults.”

“The cream teas are great too!”