A Beaver Scout has been nurturing happiness by distributing sunflower seeds to every one of the residents in his village.

Saul, 7, – a member of 1st Ardleigh Beavers – has been delivering sunflower seeds to every house in his village of Little Bentley, Essex.

Saul, who attends St George’s Primary School in neighbouring Great Bromley said: “Because everyone is so worried at the moment I wanted to do something to make my home of Little Bentley more happy. I wanted to bring some happiness to people’s lives.

“I bought 450 seeds in packets on the internet and I split them into groups of three or four seeds and put them in my own packets with a message from me. I wrote it and daddy photocopied it and me and mummy stuck it on. Me and my little brother Angus have been travelling around the village on bikes delivering the seeds to every house in Little Bentley. It’s loads bigger than you think. It’s massive. Everyone has been really happy to have their seeds. I hope they enjoy growing them and we get giant, happy, sunflowers!.”

Father David Grocott said: “Saul’s loved delivering the seeds. We just hope we haven’t missed anyone.”

Editors note: The 2011 census shows the population of Little Bentley to be 271, here’s hoping they all have a brighter summer!