Becky Dobbin is just as excited as the rest of us, as she prepares to be team leader for Daisy the Diary Room. She took over this role in 2008 and had so much fun she wanted to do the same again this time.

The role is ideal for Becky, because there is a lot of interaction with the participants and you can really get a feel for the event. Daisy the Diary Room is the interactive video diary room, where the participants can come to have a chat with Daisy, have a laugh, tell jokes, sing songs and show her their dance moves.

Becky first attended Essex International Jamboree with her Guide group in 1996 and 2000, and when she became too old to attend as a participant she volunteered as a member of staff. In 2004 she was a party of the activity team looking after crate stacking. Essex International Jamboree 1996 was her first Jamboree. She had such a great time as a Guide that she wanted to continue being involved, and hopefully pass on some of the fun she experienced on to the next group of participants.

We took the opportunity to ask Becky some questions. Here is her funniest memories: