Half way through a week of traditional camping and survival, the Scouts and Young Leaders of 4th Braintree update us on an action pack week of fun.

The Scouts and Young Leaders of 4th Braintree arrived in Helsinki on the hottest day at a record 37 degrees. After a two hour air conditioned coach ride they arrived at their site at 4pm where they had to make the poles and pegs for their tent as they were only given canvas and were supervised to use knives, axes and saws to make them. Their camp site is in the middle of the pine forrest with no clearings and camping on the dead wood and pine needles, something very different from back home.

Scout Leader Martin Darch said, “We have completed the Fire valley by learning traditional fire lighting techniqus and making souvenires with the blacksmiths. We also took part in quite a hike with the Finish explorers completing 20 km through cross country terrain with lots of challenges on route including building a raft out of a dead tree and a cake using a trangia, and logging using the 2 man bow saw.”

The Scouts also started water valley using 3 man kyayaks to explore the lake and they