1st Weald Brook Cub Scouts in Brentwood were devastated when, on their first night of Cub Camp, their precious ‘Golden Tent Peg’ Trophy, won at last year’s District Scouting Skills competition, was stolen.

Cubs phoned the local Police, who visited the scene, however the police officer informed them that the force was simply too busy to deal with the incident, and they would have to solve the crime themselves with the help of their Leader, Chil, who is a serving Police Officer. Fortunately, the Cubs were eager to do some detective work, and were more than happy to help.

“We were doing the Grand Howl at the start of camp when the lights went black all of a sudden.” said Cub Scout Thomas. “Then we saw a person go across the hall and open the trophy case, but we couldn’t see who. When the lights were back, we saw that the trophy was gone!”

The Cubs then set to work decoding clues, gathering evidence and statements and even studying for fingerprints, before gathering all the information together and solving the mystery of who had stolen their missing trophy. The Police were finally able to “apprehend” another local Cub Leader whose team of Cubs were runners up in the competition last year. “We can only assume that he was bitter and jealous” explained Cub Scout Leader and Police Officer Ian Krout. The Police then paid the Cubs a well deserved return visit, to thank them for their hard work, and present them with their Communicator activity badges.

Special thanks should be extended to Brentwood Police, who gave great assistance throughout the weekend, allowing the Cubs to phone the station and successfully solve the crime.