Explorer Scouts got back to basics recently in a bush craft weekend. They took a look at survival skills associated with Chief Scout, Bear Grylls and had a great weekend sleeping and eating in the wild.

Early October, a group of Explorer Scouts from Southend Estuary were transported to an undisclosed wood to spend a weekend sleeping under self made accommodation, constructed from tree branches and leaf litter.

Stephen from Mercator said, “The instructors’ experiences in survival allowed the ?survivors? the chance to try wild fungi, prepare rabbits and cook fish with nothing more than a knife – suitably sharpened beforehand.

The Explorers had lessons on useful plants, shrubs and trees which provided a good knowledge base for their practical use and a few they could eat.

Complimenting the weekend Stephen went on to state, “There’s no substitute for knowledge and without knowledge you cannot survive no matter how much equipment you possess”

James from Nore was impressed by learning about knife crafting and eating flowers, he said, “Digging up