The Essex County Scout Caving Team (ECSCT) continue to offer caving badge courses to Scouts and Explorers. Learn more about the challenge of caving and the opportunities available to your young people.

While places are available to cave are limited to yorkshire, derbyshire, south wales and somerset, ECSCT offer a number of courses that ensure our members have access to a wide range of wet and dry caves, long vertical pitches, tight squeezes and beautiful formations.

Caving offers a different kind of adventure by uncovering some of the beauty of our country and offering up a completely different world underground. The mission of our county caving team is to provide a high standard of safe caving for members in and around Essex through the provision of a number of courses per year.

All the courses are open to any member of Scouting over the age of 12 including Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network and Leaders. Young People are NOT required to be accompanied by a Leader from their section so this is an ideal opportunity to offer this opportunity to your most adventurous young people. Courses cover the current requirements of the Scout Caver Badge and the Caving Badge for Explorers.