As the new appointments process is rolled out across Essex, let’s look at how this change will support new volunteers into Scouting.

The new appointments process aims to make the journey an adult new to Scouting undertakes a more suppotive one. The new process is equally as thorough, but there is more of an emphasis placed on supporting adults new to Scouting. GSLs and other managers will be more central to the process in ensuring that new appointees are supported, encouraged and motivated throughout thier journey to start volunteering.

Districts in Essex are implementing the new appointments process in the period up to this autumn to create new Appointments Advisory Committees. All of the new Committee members have to undertake training (Module 37) to ensure that they have a full understanding of the new process. Districts will move over to the new process as and when they are ready to do so, but this will be by the beginning of October when the new process is fully implemented nationally.

For more information about the new appointments process please visit the appointments page or call the Scout Information Centre –