On 8th February 2011 Legacy Explorer Scouts from Colchester North District visited the University of Essex to attend a variety of workshops based around the law.

On the 8th of February we went to the University of Essex and did a variety of workshops based around the law. We were joined by students currently studying law, who helped run these workshops with small groups of us. On this very interesting evening we were also joined by Liz, who gave us her personal insight into her job as a solicitor. She told us about the differences between someone like herself and a barrister. This was good to know because the age at which you can be represented by should a figure is much lower than we would have expected before being told. In fact any one of understanding and reasonable mind can be represented independent of their age by a solicitor and at the age of 10 by a barrister.

During the evening we learnt about several areas of the law for instance, trespassing, defense pleas, about the courts and just a few of the crazy laws invented. The students discussed these areas with us and really explained all the points well, giving background knowledge and examples of how these laws have been enforced. The evening was rounded up by, as always, a very competitive quiz. Each of the individual groups went head to head to battle for points doing a variety of rounds. We competed in rounds that included articulate, Pictionary, multiple choice and many more. It was a close to call to who won, and with some conversational decisions made on unclear answers group 3 were triumphant. However, nobody was a loser in the game with all 4 groups winning prizes; just how well you did depended on the prize, or how well you could bargain and swap your prize in some cases.

The evening overall was a great success for all who attended, being both informative and fantastic fun. We all came away knowing something we didn