Are you attending Scout School in March and do you live/work/shop where there is a film processing outlet? Can you help collect them and bring them to Scout School for an activity?

Bill Marshall is collecting the film canisters for T.W.A.M. (Tools With A Mission), which is a charity that collects all types of tools as well as sewing and knitting machines, amongst other things, and then assembles kits to go to developing countries.

The empty film canisters are used to put small items in such as needles, pins, tacks, screws etc.

T.W.A.M. do use a lot of canisters and Bill is hoping to have a very large box in the entrance hall or refectory for you to fill up.

If you are not coming to Scout School then it is possible that other arrangements can be made.

Further details on T.W.A.M. and its work can be found at