Compass will be available for you to use this year. Here’s a run down of what you’ll be able to do.

When Compass is live you will be able to use to manage your own personal Scouting information online, use the tools available to manage the Scout administration involved in running a section (badge progress for each young person, their emergency contacts, attendance records etc) and also hold all information on any adults you manage.

Look out for your own Compass leaflet in the June issue of Scouting magazine.

Appointment Secretaries, administrators, secretaries, training roles and County/District Commissioners will start using Compass from August so all new joiners in the new term (adults and young people) will be added and processed for their appointment via Compass.

If you need any amends made to your record between August and when we go live in Essex your Appointment Secretary or District Commissioner will be able to help. Many of you will be involved with checking and updating information and data that will be loaded onto Compass and providing your young people