With Stu Gibson announcing that he is to step down as County Commissioner (CC) at the end of March 2019, the search has begun for a new lead volunteer for Essex. Stu has given excellent service and commitment to his role over the last three years, and has led the County through continued change within the Scout Association, giving his very best to ensure Essex Scouts has continued to thrive.

A small CC Search Team has been formed including Graham Woolley (Regional Commissioner for East of England and the CC’s line manager and Chair), Paul Stennett, (County Chair), Liz Walker, (CC for Hertfordshire), Debbie Evans, (Area Growth and Development Manager), a uniformed member of the County Team, a District Commissioner and two young people (aged 18-25). 

If you are an adult member of Scouting in Essex you will have been kept up to date with emails about this from Gilwell delivered to the email address you have registered on Compass, the Scout Membership database. From the final email from Gilwell you will have seen the deadline was 28th Feb, and as such applications have now closed. The interview process will now take place with an announcement being made in due course.

If you have any questions about the process please contact Graham Woolley on email: graham.woolley@scouts.org.uk or mobile: 07733-138961.