Whether its ice skating, climbing, or archery, WINTAC had it all! It might have been muddy, wet and freezing but it was all part of being an Explorer Scout.

The Explorer Scouts from WINTAC, tell their story, in their own words…

On a very wet and windy weekend, Skreens Park Activity Centre in Chelmsford was brought to life with the sounds of over 430 Essex Explorer Scouts from across the county enjoying activities at WINTAC.

Friday evening kicked off with an acoustic session with band Moobs, featuring contributions from some of the talented Explorers on site. “The bands were amazing, but I’d never have the guts to go up there and sing, it looked so scary” explained Kate, aged 16. Some brave artists even sang solos ranging from Valerie by Amy Whinehouse to Seven Nation Army.

Niall and friends from Braintree were handed a sheet and commanded to create the greatest rock band ever. After much deliberation they decided on the name “Organised Chaos”. Band practice ensued at haste. The first songs were mostly about anger at being woken up by pans. However they decided on doing an acoustic version of ‘Buck Rogers’ by Feeder. When they took the stage the crowd roared, the atmosphere was electric. As the events were drawing to a close Joe the musical element of the band played a solo version of ‘La Roux’s’ song ‘In For the Kill’ and it was brilliant. Mikey Cohen the voice of the band said, “It was great! The adrenaline was pumping and I really felt alive when I was up there. I am King!”

The evening entertainment then changed to a disco to get everyone dancing, followed by a “silent disco” during which every participant was given a headset, through which they could chose one of two channels.

Mike, from Brentwood Explorers said “The silent disco was really funny, everyone was doing different dances and singing aloud. It’s something I’ve never done before, but it was a great laugh!”. The competition between the DJs was fierce, with no channel managing to emerge as the victor. Finally, at 12.30, the disco drew to a close, and the campers returned to their sites in order to get some much needed rest before the following day’s activities. The evening just showed that, despite rain and hugh winds, Essex Explorer Scouts really do know how to party in style!

During Saturday, James Taylor, 14, was invested this weekend at WINTAC, dangling half way up the abseil tower. The Unit also had to contend with a tent collapsing disater when at 7am Sunday morning when a large gust of wind collapsed the tent where six Explorers were camping. They spent the rest of the night in the mess tent and delayed breakfast when they got out of bed.

Jess Carter from Majendie Steeple Explorers said, “Visting Daisy the Cow and donating to charity has been a highlight for many of us. It was enjoyable talking to Daisy and she was happy with our generosity. We think that she must have seen a lot of people but she kept her enthusiasm up.” Many scouts were happy to see her again after her first appearance at the Essex Jamboree. Lily Burns aged 15 from Majendie Steeple Explorers whose first camp it was said “Daisy made a lovely extra to this camp and she made it very special for me.”

Red Squirrels Explorers were excited to know that their fun on the ice skating rink would be captured and sent to local TV. The unit exchanged their wellies and walking boots for ice skates and took to the plastic ice. At first they stayed around the edges and held on to the sides, whilst other people did tricks and jumped in the centre of the rink.