The adult training model in Essex has been given a fresh new look by changing its funding to simplify the methods and processes across the county.

Until April 2010, training has been funded directly by local Scouting using a variety of different methods and added to the Group or District part of the membership fee.

From April 2010, the fee for training has been added to the county membership fee so that the county training team can ensure that there is a single training process across the county and ensures that members have access to free training at the point of delivery.

The new Essex training model has been discussed by the majority of DCs at recent DC meetings and its been agreed that following a year of this new method, any funds will be ring-fenced and the process will be reviewed.

The training scheme will go on to follow a pattern of ensuring training is offered free to all volunteers in the UK, without the worrying of claiming refunds after training.

The training programme will continue to offer development days to provide better support for the growth of scouting, ways in which we can value adults more at County Awards Day and the self funded Essex Weekend and training for the unsung heroes of our Scout Executives.

The full membership fee for individuals will be announced locally per District and Group.