On Saturday 16th January over 200 people descended on Westland Primary School in Chelmsford for the first gathering of the three Units to the 22nd World Jamboree 2011 in Sweden.

The day started with the handover of the world flag from a participant in the 21st world Jamboree to Megan Jackson who accepted the flag on behalf of the all the participants selected for the 22nd World Jamboree. In the morning parents and participants listened to a presentation given by the three unit leaders: Liz Smith, Darren Bretton and Mark Catto.

In the afternoon the participants were separated into three units: Lime Green Dancing Queens, Pink Super Troopers and Electric Blue Waterloo. The units spent the afternoon in various locations starting to get to know each other by playing a number of ice breaking games, these included picking up smarties with a straw and thinking about how you would survive if you crashed in the desert.

After spending a couple of hours together we all returned to the School hall where as patrols in our units we took part in a Quiz which really helped everybody to get to know each other a bit more. Reflecting back over the day it was great to finally get to meet everybody going to the Jamboree and it was a fantastic start to our Jamboree journey.

Photos from the first Units meet can be viewed here