Every aspect of the Scouting programme is a story. Get involved, inspire others and tell your everyday Scouting story.

Essex is lucky to have its own central depository for stories about Scouting across the county via an online form available at essexscouts.org.uk/news

Leave a fully formed story or use the prompts to leave detailed notes so a story can be created from your input.

Essex Scouts hopes to share stories via the county website, Facebook (facebook.com/essexscouts) and Twitter (twitter.com/essexscouts) as well as the regular Essex Plus email and on its website.

Take some photos and upload them to the online form or if you have videos or numerous photos contact the team on news@essexscouts.org.uk

Have you done something different? Have your members achieved something new and challenging? If so, follow these simple instructions and leave a story to share with Essex.

1 / Think about some of the things you’ve recently done or are about to do

A good story contain the basic facts;







2 / Follow the hyperlink to Submit Your News in the News area of the website

3 / Add your email address and fill in as much or as little as you can

Don’t worry about spending lots of time, we need your stories rather than your writing ability. The team will take a look and create something from your input.

4 / Submit your story to the database

5 / The County Media Team will prepare your story for publication and may contact you for further details and/or a photo.

Why not share a gallery of photos, a video clip or an audio recording.

If you have a photo that captures your story, email it to news@essexscouts.org.uk and it will accompany your story.

For advice about photography, take a look here – https://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/articles.php?storyid=9hpGvw