Hi Everyone
At our most recent meeting we actually had 2 meetings, 1 focused on consulting on new plans for Young Leaders in Essex led by Richard Bake and the other focused on Explorer Activities and the Essex County Activities Team led by The County Explorer Team and Dan Scurlock (ACC Activities) . In the activities meeting we learnt about the different activities teams and what they can do for you; we discussed what we might like to see from the activity teams going forwards; what support we would like to see from our Districts around activities; and how prepared we feel to offer a varied and exciting programme of activities for our own Explorer Units. I look forward to sharing with you the feedback from the discussions once it has all been received. The details of the discussion document for Young Leaders is attached, and is focused on how we can do more to support our Young Leaders and recognise the groups who are really good at supporting their Young Leaders to acehive.
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