On the evening of Tuesday 12th May, representatives from Districts and Local Scout Networks came together to focus on Explorer Scouts Moving-on to Scout Network. The evening was well attended, with over 85% of Districts and Local Networks represented. The National Network Advisor, Adrian Wray, came to Essex to help facilitate the discussions.

The representitives were split into five groups, based on the 5 areas of Essex – North West, North East, South West, South and South East. Jan Dear, our County Commissioner, and her core team also got involved as facilitators for each of the areas.

The first session of the evening involved the participants completing a transition health checker, which contained a number of questions relating to the links between the two sections. There was then an opportunity for the two sections to compare their answers, before agreeing one set of answers for both sections. The second and larger session of the evening involved the representitives working on an Area strategy for moving Explorer Scouts into Scout Network. Members of the County Explorer Scout and County Scout Network team acted as scribes for each of the areas, typing up what was agreed for the strategies.

At the end of the evening the formation of a new County MIMO (Moving-in Moving-on) working group was announced. This working group will be

chaired by County Scout Network Recruitment Administrator – Liz Smith. The group will be made up from representitives from the Explorer Scout and Scout Network sections and will own and review the Area Moving-on strategies. The group will also be available to support Districts, Local Networks and Areas in Essex with the implementation of their Moving-on strategy. Rodney Sandys (DESC, Maldon and East Essex District) and Dan Harris (DESC, Hatfield Forest District) will sit on the group for the Explorer Section, along with Jeremy Williams (Local Network Advisor, Trojan) and Dave Garratt (Local Network Advisor, Spitfire) for the Network section.

After all of the hard work had been finished and the evening wrapped up, there was an opportunity to enjoy some food from the barbecue that had been prepared by Cobra Scout Network. Andy Cunningham (ACC Explorers) and Stuart Watson (County Scout Network Commissioner) would like to thank all of those that attended the evening.

Andy Cunningham – accexplorers@essexscouts.org.uk

Stuart Watson – csnc@essexscouts.org.uk

(Network) Liz Smith – network.recruitment@essexscouts.org.uk