This years memorial day takes on more significance to a group of Maldon and East Essex Explorers as they prepare to travel to Auschwitz in a two weeks time.

The 27th January to many is just another day, but to others they light a candle and think about those that died in the Holocaust. On Holocaust Memorial Day this year a group of Explorer Scouts will be thinking about it a lot more as in 17 days time they are off on a trip to Poland which will involve a visit to the Auschwitz.

The 27th January is the date that the camp was liberated and was chosen as HMD. This year is the 65th Anniversary of it’s liberation so many special events will be taking place at Auschwitz throughout the day.

Its always a difficult subject to discuss with young people, but if you want ideas on how to bring into your Explorer Scout Programme, there are many good resources at

You can even light a virtual candle to pay your respect. There are many real ones alight as you walk round the camps.

The trip organiser, Dan Sutton said ‘it’s very moving when you see candles alight as u walk round the camps, as u know someone has come and lit it for someone they lost there.’

As well as learning about the Holocaust the group will also be going on tours around Krakow, the ex-communist district of Nuwa Hutta – where they will be trying their hand at driving Trabants, and 200 meters under ground in the Salt Mine.

They will be updating a blog as they go which can be found at