This weekend Cubs from across Harlow are camping out in the Wild Wild West (Risden Park Campsite), enjoying activities on the theme of Cowboys & Indians.

Each Pack is camping as either a group of Cowboys or a group of Native American Indians with corresponding totem poles or ranch gateways for their campsite.

The Harlow District Events Team, led by Wendy for the weekend, have put on a whole host of themed activities ranging from horse-riding (with horse hoppers – think space hoppers and use your imagination!), making smoke signals, herding cows, wagon races, bear and bison hunting and canoe building.

Despite some of the cows escaping (helium balloons!) several times, the Cubs are having a fantastic themed weekend, complete with cowboys and indians costumes, worn by Cubs and Leaders alike.

Sam Morris, Assistant County Commissioner (Cub Scouts) commented:

“It was great to see the Harlow Cubs and Leaders getting into the spirit of the Wild West theme, the District Events Team have done a great job of organising the camp this weekend, pulling together Leaders, parents as well as the odd Scout and Explorer Scout to give the Cubs a great weekend – well done!”

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