Essex Network’s Core-Team hosted a self defence night for Basildon Network “Hobgoblin” following the Skill & Development prize they won during the County’s AGM raffle in September 2010.

As Hobgoblin is a newly launched Network, they also invited their closest Network “Spitfire” from Wickford along to also partake in the evening with them.

Brentwood Jikishin Ju Jitsu club sensei “Alan Stone”, arrived with one of his instructors “Andy Grimes” to run the evening based on un-armed self defence. Before the Networks would partner up with each other, Alan would demonstrate each move to the amusement of those there on Andy.

The Networkers learned how to defend themselves from strikes & strangles, when being attacked from in-front & behind.

Ju Jitsu techniques rely heavily on leverage, so, you don’t have to be strong to partake in this martial art.

If your interested in attending a self defence class, the club meets on a Thursday evening in Brentwood, at Sawyers Hall College

6-16 years old from 7pm till 8pm

16-65 years old from 8pm till 10pm