As a fairly new Scout, the JOTA-JOTI on Saturday the 17th October was my first ever Jamboree on the internet.  I wasn’t really sure what it would be like when I walked in  alongside my two older sisters and wearing my mask, but I felt sure it would be  fun and another new experience.   Firstly, we had been given a table number and went and sat down.  After  our leader introduced the website we would be using and explained the do’s and do not’s.  With all the rules in mind we logged on using the given usernames.  I spent a little while reading all of the messages from Scouts across the world, before saying ‘Hi’ in the chat on the English channel.

Almost instantly I got replies of ‘Hi’ and ‘Where are you from?’.  I spoke to people in the Scouting group from Turkey, Malaysia, Norway, Malta, Indonesia, Singapore and Birmingham!  Everybody was extremely friendly and interested to learn about  each other and our cultures.  People also wanted to know if I preferred pizza or pasta and which football team I supported!  Time went really quickly and I missed talking to other Scouts once I had left.  It was a massive amount of fun and I can’t wait for next years event.