Over the last few days Skreens Park has said hello to some visitors who will be helping to maintain the site – a flock of sheep have been introduced to graze on the grass areas while the site is closed to outside visitors!

Whilst Essex Scouts enjoyed a virtual camp at the end of June, early July has seen over 200 sheep have moving in to Skreens Park to chew on the grass. Having been closed for some time grass has grown substantially and should provide the sheep with some excellent grazing. Some are even showing their Scout heritage by sporting the fluer-de-ly on their sides (using just normal sheep marking spray of course). We are working hard to reopen the site but this will help with grass management whilst Skreens remains closed.

We hear there has been a historical precedent for this as when the Canon Tinley owned the site, then known as St Lukes Campsite as it was known (before it was left to Essex Scouts by him in 1971) cattle were regularly grazed on the fields.

We hope they remember to keep the noise down after dark!!