There has been an exciting development for Scouting in Billericay and Wickford recently as the District Executive have agreed to take over the managment of The Langham Hall.
Richard Clarke (ADC Development) explained that the hall in South Green, Billericay, CM12 9RF, would in future be used as a District HQ:

“We plan to use this hall as our District HQ where we can hold our monthly HQ night and centralize other district facilities in this fairly central location.

So that all members of the Scouting District can see the facilities that we can offer we will be open for a cup of tea / coffee from 11am to 3pm on Sunday 15th December.

There is plenty of parking in the top car park and up the driveway leading to the hall.

We are planning for Monday the 16th December 2013 to be our first HQ night in our new District HQ.

All the usual HQ Night services are expected to be available and will give the leaders who were unable to attend on Sunday a chance for a good look around.

The Hall offers all the facilities that you would expect in a new building, including full toilet facilities, committee room, fully fitted modern kitchen, medium sized main hall and storage space.

In addition to the building there is a large grassed area to the North and children

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