Looking for support for permits, activities, or nights away?

There are a number of people in the county who are available to provide you with support in how you can provide activities to the young people within your area:

Dan Scurlock – ACC Activities: acc.activities@essexscouts.org.uk

Contact Dan for general activities queries or if none of the team’s individual areas of expertise meet your needs

Phil Dowrick – Manager of the Activities Permits Scheme (MAPS): maps@essexsscouts.org.uk

Contact Phil for assistance with adventurous activities permits, from support with the process to finding an assessor.

Neil Barnes – supervisor of the Nights Away Permit Scheme: snaps@essexscouts.org.uk

Neil can provide support to Nights Away Advisors on the processed required to issue permits.

ADC Activities & Nights Away Advisors

Districts have in place their own support team who form your first point of contact for support regarding nights away and adventurous activities

Activities Teams

Within Essex we have 4 Activities teams who can provide technical advice in a variety of areas, these teams also run a variety of courses throughout the year – details of events can be found on the county calendar. The teams, and their contact information are listed below

ESMAT – The mountain team are available to provide assistance with activities on the mountains, David Cohen heads up the team: esmat@essexscouts.org.uk

ESWAT – The water activities team are available to provide support and guidance for water related activities, Richard Moore leads the team: eswat@essexscouts.org.uk

ECSCT – The county caving team can provide support for underground expeditions, Dave Pettet looks after the team: ecsct@essexscouts.org.uk

ECSAT – The archery team are a team of highly skilled archery instructors who can provide support to major events and assist in the requirements of becoming scout archery permit holder. Contact Nick Pratt for further information: ecsat@essexscouts.org.uk