Activities Policy Organisation and Rules Update January 2015

Every year the Scout HQ Activities staff carry out reviews of different activities to ensure that the provision to young people is carried out, and overseen in the safest possible way, the changes ensure that the Association keeps up to date with current best practice as laid out by the National Governing Bodies for the different activities we undertake.

In January 2015 the Scout Association published a number of updates to POR and various activities factsheets.

A number of updates to POR Chapter 9 in January include:

Rule 9.7 this rule has been updated in a number of areas, including

Archery is now an adventurous activity

Permits must have an expiry date of no more than 5 years

If a young person holds a permit when they turn 18 their permit will expire – the safeguarding module is required to be completed where the permit can be re granted. The new permit can last no longer that 5 years form the initial assessment

First aid requirements are now included –first aid provision much be provided within a group while carrying out an adventurous actiivity (to a level specified in POR)

There is a period between January and December 2015 where Archery permits are not required, Archery must still be run in accordance with the September 2014 version of POR however after December 2015 Archery will become an activity where a permit is required

Rule 9.8                 Clarification that where a group contains a participant under the age of 18 all normal Scout Rules apply.

Rule 9.22               This rule has been updated and covers the rules previously 9.22, 9.23, 9.24 and 9.25, there is a period between January 2015 and March 2016 where the September version of POR still applies, at the discretion of the County Commissioner

Rule 9.36               Archery is now listed as a permitted activity. The use of crossbows is covered under Rule 9.37

Rule 9.37               This rule now covers the use of crossbows

Rule 9.43               buoyancy aid checking is now the responsibility of the permit holder, not the county of district that owns the equipment as in the September version of POR

Rule 9.44               section c has been removed – no areas can be classed ‘training water’ there is a grace period for this rule until December 2015, following this date any waters classified ‘training waters’ will no longer be classified as such,

Rule 9.46               a number of changes to how boats are to be checked and identification required for various uses.


There have been a number of additional updates to factsheets and advice information in the following areas:

  • Adult Groups in Adventurous Activities
  • Archery
  • Boats and Waters
  • Climbing
  • Nights Away
  • Shooting
  • Staged and Musical Performances

Further information on the changes to POR and associated information can be found here:

Activity Reviews 2015

HQ are reviewing a number of activities in 2015, these activities currently under review are:





Cycling (including road and mountain biking)

Other Activities (POR rule 9.77)

Underground (including caving and mine exploration)

Details of the status of each of these reviews can be found at the following link: