A check list for using the new county HD professional camcorder has been put together to aid people in getting fantastic material.

The professional camcorder is available for anyone to use to capture the adventures of Scouting so that we can highlight the great stuff to both our members and via external media.

To ensure that the camera gets best use, a short training is required before it can be taken out. This can be offered as a small group exercise of one to one tuition. To enquire please email dcc.justin@essexscouts.org.uk

If you have any additional ideas on what could go into this check list document or where the camera should be taken please shout. The download will be updated as additions are added.

Download Video Check List

If you want to find out more about video camera technique there’s a good website at www.mediacollege.com/video/camera/

The manual for the camera, SONY HVR-A1E can also be downloaded here