Sometimes planning your programme for the next few months can hit a wall and you start to look at re-working something you did in the past. We

There are so many other programme providers, ideas and outlets we can explore. We can open up new ways of thinking by considering, discussing and challenging the norms, cultures, actions of the world as well as issues or conflicts which we may not be aware of.

For example Cornwall Fire and Rescue have joined forces with Essex County Council, The Scout Association, Shelterbox, Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency and the Highways Agency to create the Scout Community Safety Badge.

The badge is aimed at all ages and gets young people thinking about emergency planning for themselves, their family and think of others in the wider community who may need help for various reasons. This can easily fill a good chunk of any section programme and can even expand to inviting local emergency planners down to talk about their thoughts and plans.

Or take the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA). This was created to generate collaborative initiatives between United Nations agencies and other organisations or civil society organisations working with children and young people. YUNGA is a gateway to assist the engagement of youths in activities of key environmental and social concern at the national and international level.

Under their themes section there are lots of challenge badges that all sections/ages can get involved in. There is always an alternative idea we can try, expand our horizons and awareness

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