1st Runwell share an excellent example of a simple way to make an impact in your local community.

The street name plate sign at the end of the road the 1st Runwell HQ is on was knocked over by a car back in October.   The council still hadn’t fixed it, so the scouts did it as a project – quite an involved job from planning to cleaning up the old sign and getting the concrete off, digging new holes and re-concreting the sign back in. The Scouts really enjoyed it especially when a police car pulled up and asked what we were doing digging holes in the middle of the night!

The Scouts wrote a letter to the council and their response from the  ‘street care’ team was excellent – not only thanking the young people for doing it but also sending them free goodybags of recycled stuff, and offering to come and do a presentation for us and another local troop (2nd Billericay). All of which should add up to the Scouts getting their community badge and helping out the residents too!