How good are your Scouting skills? Thanks to a day of learning at Thrifwood campsite, 60 Cub Scouts from Chelmsford and District have gained lots of new skills and put them to the test.

The morning saw the Cubs visit 6 bases, where they learnt fire lighting, map reading, knot tying, semaphore and pioneering as well as preparing their lunch. After cooking lunch on a fire, it was time to move onto the afternoon’s big challenge. After receiving and decoding a semaphore message across the lake, the Cubs built rafts which they used to transport their team over the lake.

Once the whole team was across, the Cubs were given a map and directions to find a box of matches. Once the matches were found, the Cubs could build a fire and cook a marshmallow to complete the day’s adventures. After a long (and wet!) afternoon, the Cubs went home, with plenty of new skills and a big smiles on their faces.