This year

The focus this year was on getting the Scouts to mix and take part in activities away from the comfort of their troops and to make new friends that they may not necessarily have made otherwise.

The organising team decided to split all of the scout troops into different teams, sending half off site on the Saturday for a 7 mile hike (and minibus ride) that featured stop offs at Chadwell Scout HQ for Shooting, which was won by Megan Marshall from Orsett & Bulphan Petre Troop, East Tilbury Scout HQ for Wall Climbing and Coalhouse Fort for Pedal Cars and Orienteering before returning back to Condovers. While all this was happening, the remaining Scouts took part in 8 bases around the campsite which were: Climbing & Abseiling, Backwoods Cooking, Bushcraft, Ropeless Pioneering, Rocket Bottles, Blind Trail, Woggle Making & Craft and the Bungee Run & Kave Maze.

Then on Sunday we did exactly the same again. With those Scouts that were on site going off and those off site taking part in the bases around the campsite.

On Saturday evening we had a Disco and

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