The Essex Challenge 2010 – an exciting opportunity for all youth sections to gain a special award in 2010.

Here it is…the Essex Challenge 2010, brought to you by the County’s Youth Programme Team.

Sections are invited to have a go at one challenge each month from the list. The Challenges are linked to the balanced programme, so by taking part Members can progress towards Sectional badges and awards where appropriate. Members who complete a challenge each month can be awarded the Essex Challenge Badge.

For some of the challenges we have suggested linking up with another section, so we would encourage you all to have a chat with the other leaders in your Group, District or even County wide to make this happen.

We would also encourage sections to start a scrapbook which you can add photos and stories to as you work through the challenges. You could even upload these onto the county website at or email them to

The Essex Challenge 2010 is available

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