An Ohio Newspaper, The Cincinnati Enquirer, has published an article applauding the efforts of four young people from 1st Ashingdon Scout Group, who, over the last two years have been working on a project to commemorate a plane that crashed in Ashingdon on September 24th, 1944.

“Lt. Jack T. Hanlon was no doubt thinking of his forthcoming reunion with his wife and young son as he flew the Lilly Commando on the night of Sept. 24, 1944”

1st Ashingdon Scout Group discovered an overgrown memorial for the men who died in the 1944 crash in a farmer’s field near their church, St. Andrew’s Minster, a couple of years ago. Four members – Iona Beckett (10), Sam Ricks (11), Eleanor Arthur (11) and Max Edmonds (11) – set about to contact the men’s living relatives and to establish a more fitting memorial to them.

So far, the group has erected a flag pole at the church, which flew the Stars and Stripes on the anniversary of the crash. Plans to put up plaques for the men in the church, at a local memorial and at the crash site, along with a second flag pole at the crash site, are still in the works, according to Cub Scout leader John Blundell.

John Blundell also told The Enquirer: “I think the project has come about for a number of reasons, but I think in the current climate with Iraq and Afghanistan – our troops serving alongside the American forces, and the sense of loss of life so far from home – the story has really touched the hearts of these youngsters,”

The full article is available online here

Source: Abridged from The Cincinnati Enquirer