Gordon Henshall, Director of Community Development for Essex Scouts has been awarded the MBE for voluntary service to the Scouts in Essex.

Gordon from Harlow joined Scouting in 1989 as a District Commissioner to Harlow Scouting and quickly became a breath of fresh air to the management of Scouting, supporting adult volunteers to achieve their best.

During the last thirteen years he has bashfully led the project to provide a Scouting experience to youngsters from all across Essex, to give them the opportunity to experience a weekend away and to try outdoor activities for sometimes, the first time.

Earlier this year, The Essex Experience had to announce its closure due to the recession reducing the financial support. Financially, the Essex Experience Project had been completely funded from external sources.

Gordon and his team have given the opportinity to nearly 4,000 non-Scout young people. It has also trained about 450 volunteers, many of which have gone through life changing experiences, who mentored the non-Scout young people.

Gordon, always hiding in the background of the success, is testimate to the hard work that leading a team can make a difference to the life of young people, truly deserves his royal honor.

For more information about the Essex Experience project visit – essexscouts.org.uk/experience