Anoushka White, Beaver Leader for 1st Chalkwell Bay, Southend West started volunteering for Scouting during her second year of university after she could see how much her friend a Beaver Leader was enjoying the experience.

Her friend won her over by explaining how much she loved being a leader, particularly in terms of the challenges of running and Colony and how impressed employers had been with her role as a Beaver Leader.

Anoushka wanted to have something for her CV for after she graduated from university that would make her stand out to employers and knew Scouting could help her do that. At the age of 20 she became a Beaver Scout Leader.

Anoushka While, Beaver Leader said:

“Volunteering has definitely helped my confidence levels, whether it’s through talking with parents or running activities. I would never have dreamed a few years ago of leading a group, and Scouting has definitely equipped me with the skills to run a group successfully.