The first weekend in Febuary sees over 500 runners and walkers take part in Rombalds Stride, a 23 mile orienteering race accross Ilkley Moor, in Yorkshire, the event is organised by 15th Airedale Scout Group.

This year 14 Adult volunteers, Explorer Scouts,and Scouts traveled up to Yorkshire to take part.

Despite very bad weather conditions of 50 mph winds, -15 wind chill, horizontal rain, sleat,and hail. 11 of the gruop finished. the best time of our party was Connor Harmer who did it it 10 hrs 7 mins, closely followed by the rest of the group at 10 hours 35 mins.

Out thanks go to 15th Airedale Scout Group, for organising the event, and allowing us to use there scout hut and grounds to sleep in.