Lightweight party tents are a dream to erect but in bad weather they may have limitations. The ‘Party Tents Guide’ outlines the suitability, benefits and drawbacks of these types of tents and assessments required for all types of tents.

Here are some top tips for choosing tents to ensure everyone stays safe:

Party tents are lightweight, but the material is more prone to flying off in a burst of wind if not properly secured. Canvas is much heavier, so less flighty, but the added weight means greater risk if moving it.

Fire resistance
Man-made material is usually highly flamable, so any cooking in a party tent must take place a suitable distance from the walls. Canvas material is generally treated with fire-retardant spray, but this is still no reason to place open flames near the walls.

Canvas mess tents generally have a tubular steel frame and have lots of guys. Party tents are supported with a frame that can be slotted together, making erection time fast. Most are supplied with small ratchet straps and large pegs.

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